Sep 24, 2010

A, B, C, as easy as 1,2,3...

So here's my progress on the ABC diet, not doing so well... But it's also the last week before school starts so everyone is doing something. On that note, I AM pretty proud of myself. =]

(By the way, this diet is slightly modified... Getting rid of most fast days, and exchanging them for super low cal days)

Day 1. 400 cal
Also, Chiara's Birthday.
Cheeseburger(500) and Salad(100) at her party, kept them as healthy as possible. It was her 19th birthday, and she was paying, so she and I got the same thing (substituting her tater tots for a salad)
Total: 600 =[

Day 2. 550 cal
This one's a hard one to explain, I overate. But, I also walked about five miles that I hadn't intended to walk in about an hour and fifteen minutes (4mph pace) burning near 500 calories I hadn't planned on...
1 Almond (7) 3 oz of Roast Beef (RB) on lettuce (200) Jello (20) Low-cal popcorn (150) cheese (90) cream cheese spread (10) NeuroBliss drink (35)
Total:505 Hmmm maybe it just seemed like more.... That's a good thing actually

Day 3. 300 cal
First day at new job, ughhh
4 kosher, mini, dill pickles (20) 1 Almond (7) 1 Beef taquito (72.9) Slice of pepperoni (10) Veggies and Ranch (60) Energy chew (20)
Then... BUM BUM BUUUUM.... My after work binge.. =[ An ENTIRE mini pizza, and a pepperoni sandwich. put me 404 over. =[
Total: 704 =[ =[ =[

Like I said, bad week.

Day 4: 400 cal
(The day is just starting)

Eli moves in today, his parents are coming too. I don't know what's going to happen there, but I also have to work at 5 o'clock until 8. This is the majority of his move in time. And though I DO feel bad about not helping him [moving stuff is exercise..] His parents should have eaten before they came to town =] I'm going to aim to have nothing but water until he gets here today, and I am going to do some laundry pretty soon. I am doing a little exercise thing on the tele while I wait for that to be done. =] I'm also going to catch up on sit-ups, I have 300 to do before the day is over. =P And I should get those done before Eli arrives...

I've also noticed that I've started riding my motorcycle in less clothes, so that I am colder. It makes me more aware, and it burns calories, so no REAL complaints there =]
I've been waking up cold every morning. Even started closing the windows. Which I never do. All of them are closed now, which is weird. But oh well. I was 146 when I was on the scale a bit ago. =] Hopefully I can keep it there. *fingers crossed* I just know that once I hit the 130s I'll be fine, and I know I won't go back. =] Plus once my scale says 130s I know I'll actually probably be low 140s... I don't trust it... =[

I'll keep updating lovelies. This is going to be a battle. I'm hoping to get a picture up sometime in the near future. Probably three ish weeks. Once things slow down...

Oh! Side note: I got a dining room table. It was expensive, but it's really pretty. and I now have a surface to draw on or do homework on, outside of my room =]

Well, off to the real world now! I have a million things to do before work! Love you all! See you soon! =]



  1. Despite your slip ups... you are still doing really well! Don't get discouraged. :)

  2. You go girl =] you'll be in the 130s in no time =D