Jun 12, 2010



I failed today, miserably.

10 doritos.
a 60 cal salad, (that was the only okay part)
and a patty melt from Arby's ( I worked late, and my manager made it for me when i almost passed out while taking someones order.)

It's okay though, I made it almost four days. I am probably going to binge a whole bunch tonight, and then start again, for another two and a half days. I am really upset about not making it, but the good news was. When I ate, I felt so guilty I didn't even enjoy it. THANK GOD. Tomorrow I'll be back on track! I'm giving myself the next 30 minutes to eat whatever I want in small amounts. Then I'll be back on track tomorrow. And hopefully won't make any more mistakes before tuesday night, when I have to eat before I swim wednesday.

Oh, and an interesting development. I may not have a place to live now, After I move in, just about everything I own. I find out that if you're under 18 you aren't allowed to rent. So basically. I have to tell the truth and get kicked out. Or lie my ass off hope for the best. And probably get kicked out. Any opinions? I'm going to mention, I don't have a place to go. And if I go back to my parents house I lose my job... Food for thought, keep me strong lovelies,

I'll let you know how my new day 1 goes tomorrow.

Stay strong, think thin, live Ana.



  1. Losing your job is better than having nowhere to live, you can get a new one when you are at your parents. Keep it as a backup option :)

    Luck with your new fast :) I'll be joining you.
    Live ana <3

  2. ^As will I =). I screwed up yesterday as well *sighs.* But no use dwelling on the past, ya know? We can always get back on track & prove that we're stronger! ^^

  3. I'm so proud of you! You're so strong, keep your head up, 4 days is such a long time :)

  4. You should lie about your age- seriously. Before I was of majority I used to do it all the time, especially for gym memberships. They don't really care as long as they don't find out and if they do find out, you can't get in real trouble because you're under 18. :-)

  5. About the age thing. LIE YOUR ASS OFF.
    Losing your job isn't worth it, and you know everything will be harder if you move back home...