Jun 9, 2010

First Post

Current Weight: 156 ( i think, yet to get my hands on a scale today)
Height: 5'8
Goal Weight: 110

I won't be putting my real name in, just incase someone I know, knows Ana. But you can all call me Blake. I have been struggling for control for a long time, and now I'm ready to completely commit. I know that this will motivate me to stay strong, think thin, and live Ana the way I should.

A side note, those in recovery, please turn away. You will most likely find this material triggering. Don't do it to yourself, stay strong. Also, those anti-anas out there. If you have something to say about this blog, email me, don't spam up my blog with comments I just have to delete. If you have something to say, say it to me, and I'll talk to you about it.

A few things about me, I graduated high school three years early. I'm a bio-chem/bio-physics major at my state university. I'm straight, with a fair number of boy issues. I play piano, do gymnastics, and ride horses. And I love to write.

For a while this blog will consist of entries in my journal from the recent past, just to get you all up to date. They might not have dates on them, but I'll try and give you a fair idea of when I wrote them. Everyone I will talk about will have an alias. Just to keep everything anonymous for them. But I'll let you get to know me, and them, very well.

Currently I have been eating as little as possible, and then last night, I went to sharis on a massive binge. Mozzarella sticks and cheesecake, with salad. That was my last meal in a sense. Now, everything is different, my roommate, a friend, and a fellow blogger are joining me this week. Only liquids, no calorie counting, but no solids, at all. As a favorite blogger of mine as recently said, It takes three days to form a habit. So today, day one, is just the beginning. It will get harder, but It can only get better. As long as I Stay Strong, Think Thin, and Live Ana.



  1. I'm starting a new blog like you and, like you, I graduated high school early, only two years early, but still. I know what it's like. You can do it! I read this AA book that talked about how you should just resist the first drink for that hour- focus on getting through the hour without a drink. Same thing with food. I don't know how much that helps other people who are restricting but it sure as hell helped me. Stay strong.

  2. Hey blake... just starting to read your blog.. I ride horses too :) and by nature of finding your blog, Ana too.