Jun 9, 2010


Three weeks, still...

I was actually upset enough tonight, to cry. And more seriously than that, to actually call Dick to ask for help. But, not much of a surprise, he didn't answer, or respond to my texts. He's probably sound asleep next to his girlfriend. Which isn't what bugs me. It's that he refuses to be my friend and have a girlfriend at the same time. The only time I am friend material, is when he can picture the chance of the two of us dating, which is just pathetic. It's never going to happen, I don't know how many times I have to tell him.

Regardless though, I tried to contact him, to no avail. Not like it matters, he never even responded, not then. Not in the morning, not ever. He wouldn't actually care anyway, he never cares about anything. He doesn't care about me, or when he almost ruined my life, and his. I never should have hooked up with him when I knew better. All he cared about was himself, no matter how much I begged him to care about me and my situation... At this point all he'd do if I was having an issue is mock me. Kind of a pathetic realization.

All i'm waiting for is to see how much money I save when I don't eat much. Darcy and I are going to budget a certain amount of money per week to food. And then what we don't spend we are going to put in a jar, so that maybe next summer we can go to cali or something."

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