Jun 9, 2010

Chiara Understands...

Three or So Weeks Ago...

"I'm pretty sure that Chiara is more concerned about ED than she'll admit. However, I believe that it's mostly because she understands. When someone shares your insecurities in secret. They are much more likely to worry when they aren't such secrets anymore.

I can only wonder, because she hasn't told me much about her present feelings about herself. Nothing I could divulge anyway. I'm pretty sure that she is closer to this than I'll ever give her credit for. I'd feel bad for assuming, but I don't think I'm wrong. If I am, I'm sure I'll find out later. Then I can feel bad for it.

It's kind of ridiculous, because she's that gorgeous type of girl, with the rockin' curves and the amazing hourglass figure. And of course, she's a dancer. Which makes it twice as bad. because she has all that grace and strength packed in her 5'8 body. And then there is me, the sad, fat, leggy fawn, that can't quite move without stumbling.

And to think she worries about how she looks. Or maybe she doesn't. But I know ED.

I know better.

It's just a matter of how much she worries. I'll find out in the future. I just hope it won't be at a high cost."

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