Jun 16, 2010

Almost there!!

It's almost time ladies!!!!

Headed to Sharis for a HUGE salad!!! And then I begin! =]


Bought a massive salad last night and thoroughly enjoyed my binge on it. Despite all of my binging this last week Ana has blessed me, and I'm down 4 pounds since I stepped on a scale before.

I planned all of my next week out with Darcy last night. It's so nice to be able to talk to someone about all things Ana. I'm definitely glad that I chose not to tell Eli my blog address. Especially now, I need the freedom. And I have it. Now I just have to keep things on the down low for a while, and separate my fat and skinny clothes, and watch them all get loose as I disappear.

Work was not too bad, I may have a future at Arby's =P And plus, I never want to eat while I'm there

stay strong lovelies,
tell me about your progress!



  1. Haha, I hope that salad was delicious! Good luck =)

  2. I hope you do well with your pound a day!

  3. Salad is the best thing ever to binge on. And it does sound lovely to be able to talk about Ana constantly with someone and not have them telling you that it's wrong. I'm jealous of you there. Lol. Stay strong, love.