Dec 18, 2015

Vacation with Eli's Family

We arrived last night, a beautiful rental house in the snowy mountains here for an early Christmas. Family events are always stressful. I mean everything is food centric. But I'm trying really hard to be calm about it because I don't want to stress Eli out around his family. But he's being kind of a jerk. 

I got up early this morning and showered and did my hair so I'd be ready to go whenever it was time. Not everyone else was up yet and I have sat around for the past two hours waiting and playing around on my tablet. Now Eli seems to be frustrated with me for playing games on it because he wanted to go out and do things. Hello?! Say something.

I've been up and ready to go since before you were even out of bed. You don't get to be mad at me since you never opened your mouth. 

Whatever though. Stressing is good for the appetite.

1/3 banana 30
Half a cup of black tea 0
Blackberry Chia Squeeze 65

We will see what the day brings.

Stay strong lovelies. They can't make me eat.


  1. Enjoy your holiday and time away from the norm, though i know it is stressful for both you and Eli. Christmas is always hard for people like us. Keep us updated
    Keep calm xx

  2. Just wanted to say I've been following your blog for a few years and it's gotten me through some rough times. Hope you're doing okay and that your holiday was nice! <3

    1. Hi Hannah! Thank you for your kind words! I hope all is well with you too!