Jan 21, 2014


I put in my notice at my job, I was sick and tired of being treated like a piece of crap. Doesn't matter what I think about myself, I know I am not getting paid enough to tolerate the stuff that was getting thrown at me at work.

That aside, I don't know what has been up with me the past couple of days, I'm tired all day long and then I lay down and can't get to sleep until close to 4am. It's wearing me down pretty quickly, I think I may be anemic again too. Bruises showing up out of nowhere, it's frustrating. At least it's cold though, so I can get away with wearing pants all the time.

Had an extended holiday this weekend, with yesterday off I should have had a bunch of time to relax. But after working both Saturday and Sunday and then working on a paper all day yesterday, I feel like today was the first day of the weekend and with no sleep last night I hardly got to enjoy it. But back to class tomorrow, with another paper to write tonight...

I'm so ready to be done with college.

stay strong

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  1. I feel you on been ready to be done with college. It's nothing but hassle once you've been there for a couple of years.