Jan 14, 2014

It's a New Day

Just like every day.

Gave myself a kick in the butt today and finally got out an into the school pool. It's been years but it felt so good to be back in the water. It took some time but by the end of the swim I was feeling a lot more comfortable and confident with moving myself around the water.

I hate the walk back to the locker rooms in just a towel and swimsuit though, I wish that part could be skipped... I wish I didn't look so crappy in my swimsuit, then I guess I wouldn't mind about the walk.

Regardless of that crap though, I swam for almost an hour. I'm tired and a tiny bit sore but I feel really good. I haven't eaten yet today, just some tea. So I'm feeling a little floaty, I missed this feeling. A lot.

I've got a couple of meetings tonight though so I know I'm going to eat then. But the plan is to keep it under control. Eating is fine. To binge is not.

stay strong,

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