Sep 24, 2015

Not losing... Not gaining. Just desperation.

Wtf. I'm trying this workout program and meal plan… It is supposed to glean some really great results but there is so much food. There hasn't been a single day this week that I could eat everything on the meal plan.

I also saw a psych yesterday. I'm not totally sold on the whole idea but I have so much anxiety… I'm not talking to him about any Ana stuff. This is just about life stuff and school. But talking about feelings is better than eating them. So I'll keep seeing him once a week or so. Apparently I have adjustment disorder. Which I think is a kind way to say I am a complete control freak that cant handle changes I don't have complete power over... Shocker.

The second week of school and I haven't lost any more weight. But it has at least stayed constant at 149.

I still have at least 15 pounds to go though.

5 more by the end of October.

This has to happen. I'm so desperate


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