Jan 3, 2015

2015, so it is...

New Years Resolutions:

-Move to downtown to shorten my commute to medical school
-Finish Ironman Whistler at the end of July
-Lose weight...As always
-Start a regular sleep schedule
-Avoid gluten as per doctors orders
-Stick to my training plan, like really stick to it.
-Stop cussing, or at least really trim it down.
-Drink no more than once per week

Back to school on monday, nose to the grindstone.

I'm looking forward to it and hating it.

I'm exhausted, I feel like I never actually got to rest over this winter break and now it's over and I don't have the time anymore.

Here we go again, same thing, different year.




  1. I love your blog! I have a couple of questions.. So are you following any sort of diet☕️ right now or just exercising 🚴? How old are you?
    And what is your training plan if I may ask 😊

    1. Hey Eva,
      I'm not currently following a specific diet, I am trying to let my body tell me what it needs (not easy), for now I am just exercising but I'm sure the diet will sneak its way back in later.
      I'm 21, and I am following a training plan that was custom made for me by a coach, it involves swimming 3x/week, biking 3x/week, and running 3x/week, with weight lifting no more than 2x/week so that I don't add bulk.

      Hope all is well,

  2. Hello, I love your blog, and I also need some advice.

    So today my parents found my thinspo photos that I look at and made me delete them. I lied and told them that I USED to be "going through a short phase but now it's over" and I forgot to delete them. Since now they're going to be paying close attention to me, how can I still manage to hide it from them? And convince them that I'm perfectly normal? (In other words, LIE)

    1. Hello Lia May,
      I'm not going to be able to tell you how to lie to your parents. Truthfully, I don't want to. I have made my decisions as an adult and if you live with your parents and still have them to answer to, you should respect them enough to be honest with them. Or be honest with another adult that you think you can talk to. I'm not telling you not to read this blog, but it does contain adult content and if you are here for advice you aren't going to find it. I will not condone lying to your parents and I will not encourage a 'Pro-Ana' outlook... I write here to vent my thoughts and feelings and there are great things that you can get out of this supportive community, however an anorexia 'how-to' will not be one of them.

      Hope things turn around for you dear,