Jul 31, 2011

Control, Regardless of Desire.

Even Better, 137.2
2 Whole Pounds! Excellent. Tomorrow you need to be the same weight or even better. There is no reason you can't see 136.

Then tomorrow it'll be your birthday dinner with your parents, and your friends. And you must be very careful. Calories will be hidden everywhere. But what is most important? Only one slice. one SMALL slice, of cake. It doesn't fucking matter if it's your favorite. You're in this situation because of things like that.

No 'letting go' on your birthday this year. It will just lead to a disastrous binge that will likely last days. And screw up the entire week of progress. Stay calm. In control. You want thin. If you have more than one small serving of anything. You WILL be fat and disgusting trying on clothes on Tuesday. And worse, hideous even, on your birthday on Wednesday.

I made a deal with my mom. She won't make dinner or eat with me, unless I've already run that day.

Now is the time to tread carefully. You haven't come this far to be beaten by a cheesecake.



  1. you're strong. 2 pounds! yay thats great!

    By the way, I really like your style, it's unique and I read your blog so often and I just wonder..if we could follow each other.. But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader ♥ I know what is ED because I had it some time ago. Now I'm fat. So please, follow me because I need some motivation to loose weight!

    with love,

  2. haha, that's funny. my goal is always "be the same or lost a pound damn it!" lol :) <3 Ana <3


    we are each other's strength