Jun 21, 2011

Today I was supposed to run three miles...

But I'm not, because my knee hurts so bad I can hardly stand it.

But I will run 4 miles on sunday no matter what. I have until then to feel better. ice and rest. and situps, lots of situps, and yoga when I can. But jesus. I was just getting better. =[

I'm been kind of eating. I mean, I eat here and there. I wish I wasn't, but its fuel for running. And I burn a lot of calories that way. Plus, increasing my stamina now means I'll run more during school when it's easier for me to eat less... However, if I don't run, I don't eat more than 500 cal.. Which still is a lot. But if I'm not running, it means I hurt. And as much as I hate to admit it, eating fuels healing as much as it does running...

ugh.. fat fat fat

peace out lovelies
I'll update soon.


ps. I want to hear how you all are.


  1. Sometimes your body needs fuel to repair itself and keep going. Try not to beat yourself up too much over it. Just keep everything healthy and clean :)

  2. I'm trying, I really am. I just hate how when you're injured, people automatically want to feed you. -_- how are you alex?

  3. I really hope your knee gets better soon, hopefully once you've recovered you will be stronger than ever, and running will help strengthen it. Eating while you heal will only help at this point, and hopefully not disrupt your goals too much. :) xx