Jun 3, 2011

Ended. Up. Eating. :(

So last night I decided to have just one serving of salting crackers. Which is something I should have seen as a bad idea. Since I have issues having 'just one' serving of just about anything.

Then I had a tiny ass serving of a whole bunch of different items.

and a fiber one bar.

It all added about to 640-50 calories. I feel godawful, and my weight is up from yesterday morning, but the same as last night. Which I suppose is a good thing.


That is what I weigh. Even after eating. I'm fasting again today. At most I get a Jamba Juice low cal smoothie (strawberry nirvana with blueberries instead of bananas in case ya'll were wondering. it's a lower cal low cal smoothie since you get rid of the banana)

That's what I can have for dinner, other than that. It's diet ice teas (5cal per serv) and water as long as I can. (which should be until Sunday with any luck)

I'm kicking myself for giving up the 140.6 I saw yesterday morning for a little bit of food and a whole lot of guilt. But I saw that number, and I WILL get back to it.

(weight ticker updated)

stay strong, think thin, live ana


  1. 640 or even 650 is not as bad of a number as you might think, hunny. Try not to let it get you down. It really isn't very much, and it will probably just help your metabolism not to completely die down. *hugs*

  2. @ ana's girl know... Well, part of me does. The rest feels like a failure. Back to liquids till sunday. Maybe I'll see the 130s haha. hah. I wish. I may end up having a smoothie tonight if I have to hang out with a friend. but itll be loowww cal =]

    you should totally email me as well! anasarms@hotmail.com =] I could always use an email buddy!