May 30, 2011

This is What Happens When I'm Bored...

*Anorexia documentaire part 1 (type that in, its really good, for some reason it has english subtitles when its actually an english programme)
*The Truth About Online Anorexia
*Race to Size Zero 
*My 22 stone Dad and skinny me BBC
*Supersize vs Superskinny
*Im a Child anorexic
*Dana the eight year old anorexic 
*Anorexia clinic Rhodes Farm (this is an older documentary filmed at the same place as the above two)
*Desperately Hungry Housewives BBC (good for adults)
*Am I normal BBC
*Im a Boy anorexic
*Superskinny Me (same as race to size zero?)
*Dying to be anorexic (some of the people in this really annoyed me :/)
*anorexia docu part 1 of 4 (has subtitles)
*Check out "osnapski" on youtube, she does great recovery videos (for some stupid reason I find them triggering :/)
*check out "aaroncohen". She did loads of fasts and recorded them all, however she did do them for religious reasons 
* Anorexia - Girl Part 1 (type that in and its the 15year old girl, katie i think shes called)
*Living with size zero
*Too Much Too Young - Teen Body Obsession Part 1
*Freaky Eaters (just people with strange eating habits, not related to ED'S)
*Truth about Size Zero
*Samantha Kendell 

*Sharing the secret 
*Dying to Dance 
*Centre Stage 
*A Secret Between Friends
*The Karen Carpenter Story 
*Hunger Point
*The best little girl in the world 
*Little Girls in Prety Boxes
*For the Love of Nancy
*Secret life of mary margaret (bulimia)
*Sharing the Secret
*Perfect Body
*Slender Existence
*Kate's Secret
*A Girl is A Girl
*Perfect Illusions
*Catherine-Also Known as An Anorexics Tale: The Brief Life of Catherine
*Skins, Cassie
*Dr Phill Deadly Thin/Dr Phill Scary Skinny
*Hollyoaks Hannah and Melissa
*Neighbours, Ringo 
*Tracey Gold on Oprah
*Degrassi, Emma 
*Tyra Banks Extreme Dieting/ Tyra Enters an Eating Disorder Clinic/ Tyra Banks Girls Want To Be Skinny/ Tyra Banks - Mother Daughter Body Image Issues 
*A&E intervention Kim
*Home and Away Jade (bulimia)

These are some things to check out, I've spent a good portion of my weekend on this. I hope everyone enjoys!!


  1. wow! thanks! i love watching these things. they can be so my opinion at least :)

  2. Holy hell. There's my procrasination forth next week! Thanks :p

  3. this is so useful for me! thank you for posting this! i get super bored when i'm home alone (like every sunday) and i love watching documentaries and movies. as long as i can access them all online i'll be occupied (and away from the kitchen!) thanks!

  4. Thiss is such a good idea, Having it all in one place makes is so much easier :D thankk youu x

  5. Is it bad that i like it when you're bored? lol

  6. I love these.
    annawillpower has a bunch of these on youtube. Dana the 8 year old anorexic is one of my favorites, I feel like a creep because It's an 8 year old, but it keeps my 1am binges at bay.