May 3, 2011

Playing Catch Up...

And it isn't going so well. I have a midterm in an hour and a half so i can't really write all that much. I'll give you all a few updates to motivate however, and as soon as midterms are over I'll whip out a real blog post. Maybe even before!

-My weight was 150.5 on one of those old fashioned manual scales yesterday, this was even after breakfast. =] =] =] =] I'm very happy about that. Creeping downward.
-Couldn't borrow any of my friends clothes last night because they were ALL too big. She's an inch shorter than me. =]
-Homework and make-ups from being gone all last week is totally physically and mentally destroying me.
-Eli and I have been together a blissful ten months today =] I feel like I'm in high school thinking about months like that, but he brings out the kid in me sometimes. It's nice to know I can be goofy and sentimental without being made fun of haha!

-Been working on a new form of restricting. I'm still, and always will be, painfully aware of the caloric content of things. However I've been measuring things more as 'half of this', 'a quarter of that', and it's a lot better. Not relying on a number to define my day. And my weight is dropping, slow but sure...
-Whipped out the Ana playlist again. It feels good to be back. =]
-I miss emailing everyone like mad! But life is what it is! I promise I'll get back to the few i haven't managed to get a little message to!

These are the main accomplishments/goings on for the time being. Off to be responsible and study for my midterm! Wish me luck!!!

Love you all


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