May 31, 2011

Fasting Day 2, Success.

I was gone almost all day today. Therefore I didn't see much of Eli. Therefore I didn't need to eat. At all.


Was just water, and 30 calories of diet raspberry ice tea.
1 hour of cardio.

life is so good right now!

I saw a lower number on the scale today, but I don't want to believe it until it sticks around! It is by no means a new low weight, but it's motivating nonetheless. I feel like I'm bouncing back. ^.^

I'm not setting a goal for fasting because I've noticed when I do, and I don't make it, I have a tendency to give up for quite a while. So to avoid that, it's until I can't. Which could be tomorrow, or not until friday. I don't know. But you'll all hear when I do thats for sure!

On that note, despite not wanting to set a goal... Such a big part of me would just love to fast until I saw 139.0 or even 140

I just don't want to be greedy. But gosh. it would be amazing.

Wish me luck! Chances are I'll need it! And all the support and motivation I can get!

stay strong with all your endeavors!
I'll post again soon


  1. You're doing so well! You're such an inspiration :)

  2. You're doing good! Keep it up. :) Stay strong.

  3. oh yay! keep up the great work :D

  4. You're doing awesome. i don't think that goal is unreachable at all. I wouldn't say completely and totally fast until you reach it, but if you throw in a couple days of fruit only, i think it'd be an awesome and totally doable plan.

  5. I adore fruit only days. You don't feel burnt out and tired, and it really helps clean out the pipes, for lack of better phrasing.

  6. Aww thanks you guys!!! I'm very excited about this!!!