Nov 22, 2010

Pretty is as Pretty Does...

I really hate eating... Now that's a lie, I hate how eating makes me feel. But I've learned that my birth control increases my appetite, so I'm off that now...

But I was having a bunch of side effects so that's not the only reasons, however a plus is that it should be easier to restrict now, thank goodness.

I feel bad for Eli sometimes, I know I stress him... I feel like maybe I should be struggling silently. I'm getting quieter, which is good. But he still sees me blog, still catches me reading things.

I know it's wrong, but I just can't help myself....

stay strong lovelies.



  1. Heybabes,
    Good for you, that you're off the birthcontrol and hopefully all the sideeffects will wear off.
    I know it's horrible to have people KNOW, people who want to see you to be all happy and healthy..

    Stay strong babes, do what your heart tells you to do, that's all we can expect from you.
    You're amazing.
    Love, x

  2. hope getting off the pill helps you! stay strong!

  3. keep pushing through blakie boo

  4. You've got this beautiful! It's gonna be a tough holiday, but enjoy it for the people, the friendship and the joy--rather than the food.

    Btw, I know this is silly, but I can remember your blog address by memory now, which for me, is huge.

    <3 hugs <3