Jul 30, 2010

!!!!!!! =D

Down Three pounds when I stepped on the scale today! =]

Finally to 145lbs! I celebrated by going to the gym with Darcy! I got in a half of elliptical, a half of spinning, and a half of arm spinning, some ab work, and drank 120 cal of Cytomax! I burned 730 calories! Then when I got home a had an 80 cal mix of almonds and dried cranberries. And now I'm relaxing! This day is amazing! (Keep Calm: I can't believe it! One pound to lose by tuesday and I reach the five pound goal for my birthday!) Weird to think I'll be 17 tuesday, when everyone around me is turning 19 or 20. But that's okay. I'll be the skinny one. ;]

My manager has me working, every single day I requested off next week. So no celebrating my birthday.... =/

I'm thinking of compiling some pics from the past few years to sort of showcase the way my weight has changed. But it'd take some digging at my parents house if I was going to do that. Thoughts?

I'm feeling motivated! I definitely made a cheesecake with Phillip and Darcy last night. And she had a couple bites and laid down. I had essentially one spoonful of it and said I couldn't eat anymore. So I actually didn't, for the first time in my life I said no to cheesecake. As well as most of the meal that Phillip had made before that. It was so fantastic! I'm feeling slightly invincible!

But the real challenge hasn't happened yet. The real challenge happens when Eli shows up this afternoon. And wants to eat eat eat. He said when he got here, we would have a meal with no talk of calories or anything but the apartment we're looking at. (We find out if our application got accepted some time next week! I'm hoping to know on or before my birthday so I can be moving when I'm off work that day!) I'm hoping to avoid that as much as possible, because he has a tendency to distract me. If worse comes to worse I can look up the menu of a place before we go, and have what I'm getting all figured out. I'm thinking a child sized anything would be perfect. (They are generally on smaller plates. So if you clean your plate its still half sized).

One more pound to go. 3 days to do it. Totally doable. Come on lovelies! Motivate me!!!

Stay Strong, Think Thin, Live Ana



  1. Do it! You're so close, I'm jealous! I stuffed it up >.< still got 4 pounds to go... But definately going to try to get there :p dont let go now that you're this close, you must look gorgeous. Just eat as little as you can, servings are usually too big even normally for most people- use it as an excuse. =] and who cares if your friends are older? Some of mine are older by a decade or more, I'm the youngling. We can still knock em dead with how skinny we are =D wed better hear from you on your birthday, if not before...

  2. oh you can do this !
    just DON'T binge or screw up :D it will SO be worth it ! :)

  3. I'd love to see those pictures, dearie. It's always nice to have a face to put with a name. Happy early birthday! You'll definitely have reached your 5lb goal by then. Keep up the motivation and amazing work.

  4. Oh yeah, and i love the idea of progress photos! If you're rummaging... Take childhood photos too. That way you can say it's a lifetime thing rather than the last few years. =]

  5. Thank you ladies! I'm teetering! One pound to go! It may end up being water weight, but thats okay. I'm going to start searching for pictures! It may take a couple of weeks though! =]