Nov 2, 2015

Keep Calm!

Girl, I miss you!

I still have the same old email, (also on the sidebar), I lost most of my old emails though so I don't have yours anymore... :( Please please please shoot me a message!

Halloween weekend was quite the mess for me, everyone was drinking and eating and I got drunk and slipped. This is why I don't drink anymore. I can't trust myself. But the scale only crept up about half a pound so I'm assuming once the salt bloat goes away that it'll be back to where I was. Plus I have a new goal in sight.

140.0 (By holiday), but maybe, just maybe, it could be by thanksgiving? I had my appointment with the psych for med management on the 23rd, so I need to make some progress before then. I'm for decreasing some anxiety but not for losing my edge. I've already made a list of anti-anxiety meds associated with weight gain and loss.

Just have to be smarter than my body in the time being.

140.0 140.0 140.0



  1. You can do it :) 140 140 140!!! :) :) Xo

  2. You still use your blogger?! omg this makes me so happy! :) I used to follow you so much when i was active on here. I'm gonna be active again like I used to, I miss this place, tried tumblr and instagram but things kept getting reported and deleted. Anyways miss you and you got this stay strong! <3

    1. Off and on, but more lately.. Miss you too! Glad to hear from you!

  3. Hey chicky, I miss you too! I didn't check my old email for ages, but I sent you one and have hooked it up to my phone now. It's nice knowing you have someone walking beside you. I'm sure you can meet your goal xx