Nov 5, 2015

Free Fallin'


This is happening so fast.

Once I tip into the 130s the game changes.
Into the 120s - Danger zone.

I'm totally out of it and I think I may be coming down with something, I forgot what happens to my immune system when I really restrict. Oh well, dumping on the vitamins for now.

I'm starting to worry about a doctors appointment I have coming up Dec 2nd. I can not have my weight be even what it is now, much less whatever it is a month from now. But faking 20 pounds for a weigh-in? That's crazy talk. Or technically I could avoid it all together, they don't know about my ED history. Maybe I could just refuse to weigh.

Either way, just about to my goal for the start of triathlon season next year. This was supposed to be reached in March. At this rate I won't be able to race.

Tomorrow marks 3 months since my relapse. I wonder what the 3 month total will be?

Depends on how today goes I guess.



  1. Wow that is happening fast. Just be careful ok? :) I didn't realize how close we are in height. I'm 5'9". Yay tall girls! I wish I was closer to 140 though :(

    1. I'm being careful! Still 2 meals per day. Part of why I am so shocked. Yay for being tall! Part of the issue with treatment too is my bone structure never allows me to reach an underweight Bmi. I've had body mass testing and 110 pounds of me is bone and vital organs. So being 120 doesn't even allow for much muscle. And I know that... But still...

  2. So jealous of you tall girls, I'm only 5'6ish :( hopefully you can still go in the triathlon too, it would be a shame to miss it!