Oct 15, 2015

Fasting today...

Because why not? Eli isn't here all day today and my schedule doesn't overlap as much with my friend from school.

No one will notice. No one would even care.

I may have my coffee this morning, but other than that a little bit of juice diluted with water, tea, and if I'm just jonesing for food I'll have some broth (5kcal per cup). Then adderall to keep me focused through the day. I'm almost giddy about the whole idea. I had forgotten about how much I missed this control.

If all goes well and everything is avoidable, I may continue on into tomorrow (until we go out for dinner. Dee we're supposed to be on this meal program with a 'cheat meal' on Friday. So it isn't just going out for dinner, it's finding the crappiest food that tastes the absolute best and gorging ourselves on it for dinner Friday. Shit. The benefit is we aren't supposed to bring leftovers home. So whatever I don't finish we leave at the restaurant.

I've already got a couple of rules for it, no cheese, no deep fried (they make my stomach hurt).
The options left after that are already a lot better.

Well, anyway. Off to put my nose to the grindstone, exam this afternoon. Fasting today, fasting half of tomorrow? Should be a floaty time.


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