Aug 12, 2015

Thigh Gap

 A friend on facebook posted a long rant about how she wanted one.

I've had one. I want it back.

After this IRONMAN I had actually been feeling pretty empowered. I felt really good about what I had accomplished and what I was still capable of doing...


Insert her facebook rant. She's never had a thigh gap that cost her. I have. She was just thinner at the time and now she overeats. I worked so hard for mine, I gave up so much. Friends, Grades, my Health. Now I have all of those things and I found out yesterday that I received a 1k scholarship. 

But one facebook post from a girl I don't even respect, invalidates all of that. Because I don't have a thigh gap. But I could get one faster than her.

I'm bouncing between what will facilitate doing another ironman and what will get me skinny fastest.

With a trip to cali starting saturday to see Eli's brother (and his wife), whom happens to just be a wisp of a person that makes me feel like an absolute balloon, the timing really couldn't be worse.

Here come the bad decisions.


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