May 15, 2015

Thoughts on Music

You know how when you hear an older song, you can remember exactly what you were doing when you heard that song?

Maybe it wasn’t the first time you heard the song, maybe it wasn’t even that special of a day. But you can remember it like you’re back in that moment when you hear the song again. There are a whole bunch of theories as to why music is so memorable, why we can remember lyrics over definitions, tunes over research articles.
I’m not a professional, but my theory is pretty simple. My theory is that we can remember music because it resonates so deeply within us that it is impossible to ignore.

Whenever I hear painted black by Vanessa Carlton, I think of a book I was reading in middle school when I listened to that song over and over.

When ever I hear Courage, by Superchick, Paperbag by Fiona Apple, or Me and Mia by Ted Leo...

I begin to sink.


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