Jan 27, 2015


Oh life, busy busy.

I'm relatively happy. I mean, I'm in a good place overall. But there is that little nagging voice in my head that keeps creeping back whispering 'fat' over and over, and truthfully I know I am. There is no way around it, I can't just ignore it no matter how much I'd like to. I watch all of my friends with their insane metabolisms do half the work I do and eat twice as much crap and all I do is stay the same while they just shrink  in front of me.

It is a lot harder to be healthy when healthy doesn't get me closer to what I want.

stay strong everyone

Jan 3, 2015

2015, so it is...

New Years Resolutions:

-Move to downtown to shorten my commute to medical school
-Finish Ironman Whistler at the end of July
-Lose weight...As always
-Start a regular sleep schedule
-Avoid gluten as per doctors orders
-Stick to my training plan, like really stick to it.
-Stop cussing, or at least really trim it down.
-Drink no more than once per week

Back to school on monday, nose to the grindstone.

I'm looking forward to it and hating it.

I'm exhausted, I feel like I never actually got to rest over this winter break and now it's over and I don't have the time anymore.

Here we go again, same thing, different year.