Dec 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hi there lovelies,

I hope you have a Happy New Year, make some great resolutions, and have a chance to reflect on the past year and what you did (or didn't) accomplish.

My resolutions:
Learn to write with my Left Hand- This is because I have a bad shoulder, if I can fine tune my motor skills with my left hand then I will have the freedom to give my right arm a break when I need to.
Complete a triathlon- This is a big one for me, I really want to complete one, I don't care if I'm fast. I just want to finish one.
Decrease my mile time- I usually do this just by exercising frequently and getting in better shape, but this year when I get there I want to do speed work that will push me to lower it even more.
Graduate!- Self explanatory
Lose weight-of course, I'm trying really hard not to set a numerical goal here. I have a number in my head but I want to see where my other resolutions take me first.

stay strong

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