Oct 30, 2012

130s is wishful thinking...

So not gonna happen by tomorrow, but I did get to hit up the gym today. It felt good, I know it's time to  start making it a habit again... If I do that, I'll start tanning again when I get to the 130s nothing like stripping naked a couple times a week to encourage you to lose weight...

hope your halloween doesn't have too many sweet things...


Oct 18, 2012


Getting there,
130s by halloween. Hopefully 138, but I'd be happy if it were 139.9 just so I can see those numbers again.

Went biking today. Swear to god I almost died. There were rocks, and it was uphill, and then downhill, and I couldn't stop. And yeah, think I'm gonna stick to running haha.

Stay strong lovelies.

You can do this =]

so can I!

Oct 12, 2012


Not great by any means, but 2 pounds more than I had expected. If only I could keep it going at this rate... I know I can't, but god damn. I feel that high again. I know it's back, I've sunk.

And all I want to do is keep on sinking. :)

Keep on shrinking, yeah.


Oct 7, 2012


So apparently my scale was broken... Which means I have been gaining weight without knowing it. I actually weigh 150.8lbs WHAT THE FUCK!!!

I don't know how. I feel so fat. And lazy. This will change. I won't let it be me. I will be thin again. 147 by friday. It can't be that hard.

It's just the same as before. Only I'm a little more desperate now.