Sep 25, 2012

And So it Begins... Again

After something resembling a summer vacation, school is here again... I'd like to say I'm excited. That I'm really looking forward to this year. But I can't say that I am honestly. I mean, here I am, looking at my last year of my undergrad. And there is no excitement. None at all. I have the potential to do really well, if only I avoid letting my head get in the way. But secretly, I know it will again. It always does. It's just a matter of how well I can hide it this time around. I've spent months trying to be 'better' whatever that means. But I'm not better. I don't want to be better. I want to be thin.
I'm ashamed of myself. A year ago november, I was at a low weight. 128 pounds. And here I am ballooned to 143.

Somethings gotta give. Guess it's gonna be me. 

I can weigh 141 by Sunday night. I can. I will. 

Watch me.

stay strong, think thin 


  1. Hang in there, and do your best to be happy. *hugs* You can reach your goals.

  2. I know how you feel. I don't want to be better anymore either, just thin. If you need support, a texting or emailing buddy i'm here for you.
    Stay strong. It's nice to see you still post, I left blogger for a while so I'm still not sure who still posts, but it really is great to see you still do. :)

  3. @ Ana's Girl Thank you love. I've missed blogger!
    @ToxicwastEDgal I emailed you earlier today! I'd love to chat with you!