Jan 14, 2012

Workin' it out.

I don't even feel like I did anything. I did burn about 350 calories though. Not bad for 30 minutes. Not great either.

Things have changed so much, I thought I was busy before... I guess it's just more manageable now. My weight has skyrocketed... It's still under 140 but i'm so embarrassed of myself. I can't even tell you all. But I will once it's gone..

I had to put down both my dogs a week ago last thursday. And I'm still emotionally trying to recover.

I made some New Years Resolutions though!
I mean, a while ago, but still.

1) Lose 15 or more pounds. SW 135.0
2) Be nice to someone that I do not like every. single. day. Even if it means going out of my way for it. (I do not like this one...)
3) Get a little Italian Greyhound Puppy!!!
4) Find an apartment with Chiara

There are more and I'll update them once I find my complete list.

Things aren't good. but they will be better. One step and calorie at a time.



  1. Very positive. I like the idea of being nice to someone you don't like. I think I may try it too. My resolution for now is to stop texting and driving. It's a BAD FUCKEN HABIT!

  2. It totally is! I stopped doing it for the most part last year, I've resorted to stoplights and such. =p