Jan 12, 2012

Back at Uni...

Which generally makes life easier. But this time I feel like I've only been eating shit food. It's not an excuse that I've been busy, it shouldn't matter at all. That should make it easier. I've been exercising so much though, something I'm actually really proud of. It's been at least twice a day for the past couple of days. I'm decently on top of my homework.

But not of my emotions. I should be shrinking. This all shouldn't be that hard. I know that after this week it won't be, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm going to start working my way back down the eating train...

800 cal per day goal. Then 700.. 650 by the end of next week.

I have gymnastics class monday and wednesday at 11AM with Chiara, and we are doing the Insanity program with my old roommate.

I'm running with Eli too. So even though I'm eating like crap. I'm about even at the end of the day. Which is pretty cool for minimal effort..
I can feel myself slipping though. In a good way, well, not for people who care about me. But for me, and Chiara, and Darcy ( WHO IS COMING BACK OHMYGOD). This is a very good thing.


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