Jan 17, 2012

Blog Makeover!

Thoughts? Opinions? Love it or Hate it, let me know!

I like the fact that it changed what the tab said up top, it makes it nicer if someone glances at my computer and they don't see "Ana's Arm's" They instead see Protection In...  =]

I'm all floaty, I haven't eaten today. It feels SO good.

Eli is going to start exercising with me in the mornings... I've been staying with him at his place the past few days and I thought it would make it harder to avoid food. I'm around a whole lot more of it, but the guys(Eli and his Roommate) are really so happy about me cooking for them that they hardly notice, so I can't complain any.

I'm not really living at Kappa Delta anymore, and I can't complain any about that either. I was having to sleep in front of an open window (they can't be closed due to ventilation issues) and I was beginning to get really sick. Luckily I avoided the worst of it by staying at Eli's one night and then driving to my parents place the next. But I refuse to not protect myself anymore. So I'm not sleeping at K∆ which means it hardly feels like I live there most of the time.

Anyway, back to the good stuff.... Eli and I will be exercising! He's going to get up with me in the mornings to workout, we'll do the Ninety-Nine (99 jumping jacks, 99 crunches, 99 second wall sit, 99 leg lifts, 9 pushups, then 88 & 8, then 77 & 7, etc... All the way down to what is normally an eleven minute run instead of 11 of each, but for us will be about 2.5 miles, so around 20 minutes) I'm really excited about it!!!

Something I'm noticing about going back and forth between homes... Everyone assumes you already ate, and if they don't, you just tell them you did. No more expectations. It's phenomenal...

I'm not going to let my weight tip 140 ever again. I'm getting myself back under control. Thank goodness.

till later, but soon.

Stay Strong, Think Thin, Live Ana
& Remember
Yesterday, You said Tomorrow
Just Do It.

See you in One Pound.

Jan 14, 2012

Workin' it out.

I don't even feel like I did anything. I did burn about 350 calories though. Not bad for 30 minutes. Not great either.

Things have changed so much, I thought I was busy before... I guess it's just more manageable now. My weight has skyrocketed... It's still under 140 but i'm so embarrassed of myself. I can't even tell you all. But I will once it's gone..

I had to put down both my dogs a week ago last thursday. And I'm still emotionally trying to recover.

I made some New Years Resolutions though!
I mean, a while ago, but still.

1) Lose 15 or more pounds. SW 135.0
2) Be nice to someone that I do not like every. single. day. Even if it means going out of my way for it. (I do not like this one...)
3) Get a little Italian Greyhound Puppy!!!
4) Find an apartment with Chiara

There are more and I'll update them once I find my complete list.

Things aren't good. but they will be better. One step and calorie at a time.


Jan 12, 2012

Back at Uni...

Which generally makes life easier. But this time I feel like I've only been eating shit food. It's not an excuse that I've been busy, it shouldn't matter at all. That should make it easier. I've been exercising so much though, something I'm actually really proud of. It's been at least twice a day for the past couple of days. I'm decently on top of my homework.

But not of my emotions. I should be shrinking. This all shouldn't be that hard. I know that after this week it won't be, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm going to start working my way back down the eating train...

800 cal per day goal. Then 700.. 650 by the end of next week.

I have gymnastics class monday and wednesday at 11AM with Chiara, and we are doing the Insanity program with my old roommate.

I'm running with Eli too. So even though I'm eating like crap. I'm about even at the end of the day. Which is pretty cool for minimal effort..
I can feel myself slipping though. In a good way, well, not for people who care about me. But for me, and Chiara, and Darcy ( WHO IS COMING BACK OHMYGOD). This is a very good thing.


Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

It will be lovely lovelies.

We have the potential to make things happen.

We have the power to make things happen.

Do we have the will?

I'll post soon!

I love you all. You keep me strong. I survived the holidays and left it at 133 pounds. Not my low weight. But lower than it was finals week. Yeah, I lost weight, over christmas holiday. Home with my family.


How was everyone's holiday season?

What were your new years resolutions? Tell me yours I'll tell you mine. ;)