Oct 25, 2011


Sometimes you just need sleep to function. That seems to be the one thing I'm missing. Lack of sleep increases your appetite by a bunch. And all I have is a lack of sleep. I want to eat all the time. My weight is stable, around 137 pounds. I can't complain about it, except for the fact that it could be so much better.

I could be thinner, lighter, better.

But my lack of will, and lack of sleep are making it impossible. I just don't know what to do.

lovelies, help me.
I don't know where my willpower went.



  1. Hi Blake!

    Do you know about Ana bracelets? I recently made mine, and it has given me so much more willpower. My parents forced me to eat over the weekend, which resulted in me gaining 3 lbs, but I am losing it quickly. I would suggest spending a few hours making an Ana bracelet, it will really motivate you!

    Also, thank you so much for the WONDERFUL website! It has really helped me get back on track. I had one quick question though, on the workouts page, how many calories are burned on the full workout? I find that marking down all my calories motivates me as well, and I just started doing your workout. Thank you so much, and have a lovely day with lots of sleep! Much love!

  2. Blake you have lost so much weight. :) You've done it before and can do it again. You just need to take time out, and one of these nights get a full 8 hours of sleep, it will be so refreshing. Remember why you did this in the first place. Think of how much your life will improve when you lose more, and reach your goals.

    When I'm in a slump, I go for a long walk, come home and clean (idk cleaning and organizing help me clear my mind) then I look at some of my favorite thinspo and go shopping. Trying on clothes a size or 2 too small motivates me like a mo-fo.
    I will weigh myself, then promise to cut cals for one week and work very hard. Just one week. If I lose, then I go from there. I always lose when I do this, and proving to myself that I can do it again is the ultimate motivation for me.

    You can do this :) and you will thank yourself for putting forth the effort.

  3. Hey Blake,

    You gotta find a way to get that sleep, life sucks without it. And you will look better, not worn out and tired. The others are right, you have lost heaps of weight, and you can do it again. Let Ana seduce you, feel that high when you get a litte dizzy, lost two pounds and feel that rush. Just get that far. The rush from it is enough to get you back into it I reckon :P

    Your willpower though, went with your sleep. I mean it, I told you before I was insomniac queen last year and it saps away your willpower. It really really does. I don't function on less than 9 hours sleep and that's just how I am - if I get less I always have less willpower to say no. I heard once, that you only have so much willpower per day. You recharge it by sleeping. So if you don't get your sleep, then you don't get more willpower. I have no idea if it's true but it was for me. It made sense to me I guess because most people binge at the end of the day, when they are "running out" of willpower and feeling hungry. So, I think of it that way.

    I think we all need to start a fast or diet together.

  4. I totally understand where you're coming from. Sometimes I feel so hopeless. You just have to remember to stay strong. You'll get there eventually