Oct 2, 2011

Recruitment week is here...

Sorority recruitment...

It's weird to think I'm a person that actually made it to the other side, instead of just attempting to get in. Here I am, recruiting others. Telling them to 'join the Greek Life Family'

I'm stress eating today. Well, I have been... I'm going to the gym tonight. I am going to try to be there until midnight. But I don't know if it will be as easy as that. I'm so tired already. I can feel this whole thing weighing on me. Things feel complicated. But instead of avoiding food. I'm attempting to find solace in it. 

this is not okay.

I don't like how I feel but for some reason I can't stop. I don't intend to eat much this week. I figure I can be down to 133 or 132 by Saturday (The day my Sorority gets new members = lots of pictures = :{  )

Even in eating too much today and yesterday, it shouldn't be too hard to pretty much avoid all but maybe one meal per day until Saturday.

I need my weight to be down. I REALLY. Need it to be down.

No reason it can't be. No reason at all. I'm getting there. Slow and sure.



  1. good luck with getting down
    Stress sucks... :( along with the eating
    Just checked out ur blog for the first time
    Following you now
    if you have time check mine out?
    follow me, that is if you want
    Hope you feel better darling<3
    stay strong

  2. I remember the days of stress eating before recruitment - then being mad at myself for it when I had to put on ultra tight skinny jeans & tops.
    Keep all those pictures next to your thin sisters in mind next time you feel the food will sooth those complicated feelings.
    Trust me, looking back: thin photos are the only ones I want to remember.
    You'll be the one generations of greek girls will look at in awe: such a perfectly tiny sorority sister.