Jul 22, 2011

'Both tears and sweat are salty, but they render a different result.
Tears will get you sympathy. Sweat will get you change.'

So I'm making myself a promise to walk at least 20 minutes everyday. I can go with a friend if I like. And I can take something to drink( I stick to juice under 10 cal) But the sole purpose of the outing has to be for the walk. I cant go to the mall and walk for 20 and call it good. That's just additional. I have to have that 20 minutes. and since you know exactly how long it'll take you always have time for it. Walk in a direction as fast as you can for 10 minutes. Turn around and walk back at either the same pace, or something a little slower if you must. and you'll have at least 20 minutes. My 26 Minute walk two days ago let me walk 1.6 miles and burn 140 cal. Wasn't extremely exhausting, so I didn't want to binge like crazy right after. But it did it's job.

You won't see epic results from walking. But it's absolutely better than nothing. So go.

Do Something. Get moving.

 The hardest step for a runner to take is the first one out the door. So if you can't take that running step, just take a step.



  1. I used to walk 3 miles almost everyday. I would take my dog. It been too hot to do it though. Stupid heat wave. It's in the 90s at like 8 am and stays there until like 5 am and then it only gets down to like 80. It's bad. *Sigh* I wish it would rain...

  2. I agree that the hardest step is out of the door! I used to run at least 30 mins a day but ever since i gained weight, i haven't been running and the longer i don't, the harder it gets to actually do it. i know it'l make me feel good. but i just can't seem to take that step out of the door ):

  3. Hey, I just started up a new pro-ana blog after my old one got shut down. Check it out? http://anasangelwings.blogspot.com/2011/07/my-name-is-michala.html

  4. Walking is definitely better than nothing, and eventually you just might be able to turn that walk into a run. I think this walking is quite a big step in a very good direction. Stay strong!