Jun 13, 2011

Schools Out For Summer...

Thank God.

I can exercise and diet and do whatever I want really.

Haha except not.
Eli is around. Phillip moved in. I have no privacy. and I feel absolutely ginormous.

In truth I'm at 144.8, well I was last night after i was totally gorged with food. keeping that in mind I'm probably 143? maybe even 142. But I'm not sure and it bugs me... I want it to be in the damn 130s.

Soon. very. fucking. soon.

I have 2 weeks to see it. I know i don't want deadlines. but I have to see that number. enough is enough.

wish me luck.
stay strong.

oh and if anyone has been invited to read twiglegs.blogspot.com you should comment or email me (anasarms@hotmail.com) because I'd like to request an invitation which is slightly hard without being able to find the profile.



  1. You're so close! Good luck <3

  2. I wish you the best of luck. its harder when school's out actually. especially if you eat when you're bored. and having people around does NOT help at all. I know how you feel about hitting the 130s. ive been stuck at 142.5 for like, ever. but yea, good luck!!