Jun 14, 2011


I hate myself.

I'm not eating. I am not going to try any more to make anyone happy. I'm done with the BS. If phillip wants to eat. He can go right ahead. I won't be joining him. I will be in the 130s in a couple of short weeks if I do this right. Now is the time. Enough is enough..

Liquid/Juice/Water (all under 100 cal per day) fast starting.... NOW.

Anyone feel like joining? I'm going to get my gym membership up and running tomorrow. I'm done being the fatass...

I just can't anymore. I'd rather be dead than hate myself this much.

3 miles. Tonight
2 miles tomorrow/plus the gym workout.
3 mile run and strength/stretch plus gymnastics on thursday.
Friday I will be at the gym.
Saturday I will be at the gym
Sunday I will run/jog/walk/move my body 4 miles.
Monday I will run 3 miles.
Tuesday I will be thinner than I am today.

Join me lovelies I could use the motivation... And maybe some healthy/not really competition?

I also have AIM and msn (anasarms)
if you are US and want my number shoot me an email

stay strong(er than me), think thin(ner than me), live ana.


  1. Your so dedicated! I'm very jealous....Keep going lovely <3

  2. i'm confused....are you trying to become anorexic? because you don't meet the criteria but have you been diagnosed in the past?