May 30, 2011

The weekend is ending! :(

The three-day weekend is coming to a close, I've had the opportunity to enjoy the not so great weather, lots of homework, and a sick boyfriend... 

It hasn’t been the greatest, but it was much needed. I accomplished a lot that I’d hoped to…

I was hoping to fast today, and I managed to make it through the majority of the day with nothing. But then I started getting that familiar look… The eyebrow raise… ‘you said you ate already?’

OH YES! I woke up a couple hours earlier than you completely famished!

That worked… For about eight hours.

I could tell it wasn’t going to keep working, so when he was on the phone I grabbed an apple and a peach and chopped it up so that I was just finishing it when he came back in…

Problem solved.
Not a fast, but less than 100 calories anyway. Go me

I can’t wait for summer, I eat so much less when he isn’t around as much…


Enjoy the movies!


  1. Even if you didn't fast, eating less than 100 is always good :D

  2. You may not have fasted, but you did friggin awesome! And that was just an awesome cover-up with the apple and peach cut up. Good job, hunny.