Apr 28, 2011


I'm awfully sick right now... I haven't made it to campus, which means I haven't been exercising. Mainly because I feel like I'm going to pass out whenever I stand up.

I'm frustrated and feeling gross. I am laying in bed like a fat ass. But it has been a great excuse to fast. I'm frustrated that I'm not making as much progress as I would have made if I had been exercising regularly over the past couple of days. But I'm still down a couple of pounds! so I'm happy about that. Time to dip down in the 140s, and it should happen by monday at this rate. If not though, I'm not too worried. Deadlines really aren't necessary. I'll get there. It's been driving me crazy to lose so slow lately. But I know its real. and I know it's not going to come back. That, I am thankful for.

(weight ticker updated)

Sorry for the crappy post guys, I just feel awful, and I'm going back to sleep.


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  1. drinking tea without sugar might help you feel better. Hope you feel better soon!