Apr 22, 2011

Inner Strength

Yesterday was weird...

I'd been doing so good. And then, without even thinking I was eating a 600 calorie sandwich. Generally this begins a binge for me, that I can't recover from. But not this time, this time. I was strong. I got home and headed straight for the kitchen, sure that I would eat everything in sight. I cut myself a tiny slice of cheese and half way through it, something clicked. And I stopped. Just like that.

It's a kind of strength I didn't know I had, maybe because I've let off some of the pressure. I don't feel like I'm scrambling. There are no deadlines right now. I don't have to eat everything in sight, because I know I'm going to eat at some point.

It felt good. It was, powerful.
Ladies, Keep your vision clear. Focus on your goals. You have this.


  1. I'm so proud of you for finding that strength. You're fabulous <3

  2. that's wonderful.. and you just inspired me with that, gave me the little kick i needed.. thank you!

  3. yay for control! it feels awesome, doesn't it? hey, can you do me a favor and check out my blog? some followers would be awesome motivation. thanks! stay strong :) http://myfriendana-incense.blogspot.com/