Mar 24, 2011


I got my final grades tonight. I passed everything! It's amazing!
Biology C-
Geography B
English B
History B+

I'm not particularly proud of any of these grades, but I passed.. That's the importance of it all, I'm actually proud of myself.

I'm doing a liquid fast tomorrow, I am allowed 220 calories (it's 220 because that's two servings of slimfast if I use water. and it curbs my appetite like none other) And i would love it if some of you would join me!'

today, my stomach was looking ridiculously flat considering how it actually is I was pretty pleased. it's really motivating! i actually ended up with the day off work tomorrow, and i'm going to use it to make the paddle for my big and i intend to spend at the least, two hours at the gym. i figure if i do that with my liquid fasting my weight should be down another pound or so tomorrow. i hope.

my anticipation is really beginning to rise about next term and all the exercise classes, i really hope i can fit in, and keep up. i'm terribly afraid that i'm going to be the fat girl. but as long as i keep eating like this, i wont be by the end of the term.

plans plans plans. they make me feel safe.


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  1. Good luck with your fast. I wish I could join you, but alas, I'm going to be debating all weekend and I can't let hunger distract me.