Mar 4, 2011


I've been making a mental list of what I need to accomplish before spring term starts, and here's what I've been thinking about.

I'm going to gradually start rewriting them into just one journal. That'll be able to go into a binder with all my favorite blogger posts, recipes, and safe foods. When I get the chance I'm going to add an extra page to my blog with a list of good ED books as well as two downloadable .pdf files (Wasted & Wintergirls) So look for that along with my next blog posts...

I've been journaling my food intake for ABC so I'll add a page with that as well so everyone can track my progress and shout at me when I get out of line!

I miss so many of my blogger friends right now... You all mean so much to me and it kills me how busy I've been. But it's good.
I've been watching things change, some friends seek out recovery and struggle towards normalcy. While others have gradually found recovery just by living their lives. There are others who are gradually sinking deeper, and a few caught in limbo... But we're all going to find out... I'm curious to see where we'll all be a year from now...
Success is near! Thank god. I'm going to do ABC like my life depends on it. (it does) Because if I make it count, I could be shopping for new clothes by this summer (I will)

And the best addition of all, I'm taking 3, maybe 4 activity classes next term (but 3 for sure) It'll be helpful, guaranteeing me exercise 4 times per week. (monday through thursday, at the very least!) I'll always be getting exercise!!!!!!!!

Although if all goes well I'm going to aim for extra exercise on fridays, and Eli is jogging with me on weekends.

Provided it all goes well, this should get me in good enough shape buy they end of the summer to start running (preferably to work)

And I'm buying running shoes during spring break!!!!


-And that's my story.

(this blog post has been randomized and brought to you by LOTS OF CAFFEINE!)


Love you all!!!! =] xxx

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