Mar 15, 2011

Finals Week

Finals week holds an infinite amount of stress for me as well as a million other college students all over the world. The stress of sitting exams, the likelihood of passing nothing. Having to apply for an appointed office at Kappa Delta(Sorority). Trying to figure out where I'm going to be living next year. Trying to figure out how I'm going to lose all the weight that I've gained as finals have ballooned me to a new high.

I have some plans to assist me in this:

Spring Break;
i'm rewriting all my Ana notebooks (thinspiration, as well as a way to consume my time, instead of my food)
i'm going to find one pair of new running shoes
i'm gonna be working a whole bunch =[
cleaning my apartment... REALLY REALLY cleaning!
Any and all reading i do is going to be strictly eating disorder related. THANK GOD.

Next Term:
i signed up for a good number of exercise classes =]
cardio kickboxing(1 hour 15 min, 2x per week)
cardio combo (s/a)
Fitness Walking(s/a)

This is all going to be in addition to my normal classes and my work and exercise schedule. But I'm really excited about it =]

xxx lovelies

Till the end of finals!!!


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