Mar 20, 2011

17 hours...

It's how long i've been up... i'm just so tired. my parents came to visit today, we went out for dinner. i managed to stay under 600 cal for the whole day though, which is usually hard around them. but i'm proud of myself.

i'm going to go snowboarding with Eli tomorrow, so i'll have to eat more. but its also really physical so i should come out about even, looking at burning around 1000 cal.

i'll try and work on the page some more and get more up soon. i've been busier than i planned and it's gonna stay that way till tuesday or wednesday night at this point. but i'll try and get some snippets up.

haven't lost as quickly as i'd been hoping to. i have ten more pounds to go by next monday to reach my spring break goal, and i dont know if it's going to happen, but i'm also going to try to liquid fast as soon as eli goes home again, and if i can squeeze in some exercise.. or even walking. that should help.

he'll be back in my room soon, so i gtg.

stay strong lovelies.
i'll be back soon

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