Feb 25, 2011



And what's beautiful is that Lent starts on wednesday... And for it, I am giving up meat and sweets. I couldn't dream of a better excuse... If I want any candy it has to be completely sugar free (which always tastes disgusting) so chances are I won't even waste my money.

Forty Days without meat or sweets. This is like a dream come true, and no one can tell me that it isn't okay.

I'm emotionally drained, i broke down crying tonight. just sobbed for a good 15 minutes. then as quickly as it had started it stopped.

i'm working too much. studying too hard/ not hard enough. sleeping.... wait, sleep?

i miss all of you lovelies and i wish i was better an emailing you all back.. i'm terribly sorry, i'll work on it.. a little bit at a time, just know that i love you all and i want to talk to you, so try not to be mad.

your best bet would be to hit me up on facebook at this point... it goes straight to my phone, and i'd love to get messages and comments from all of you wonderful people.

anasarms@hotmail.com for the look up address, same as my regular email. i'll get back to blog posting soon, it'll happen. don't worry ana hasn't left me. she's just keeping me to busy to tell you all about it ;)

could be worse.

miss you all


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  1. Welcome to the ranks of the vegos =] you'll feel good without meat. I had one of those emotionally drained moments yesterday too. Curled up on the floor and cried. It was amazing. Good luck with giving up candy and meat... Ana should make it easy though =]