Dec 7, 2010


Ugh, trouble with quickies lately.. But that's a story for another time....

Finals week update: Finals haven't started, much less finished and I'm already liquid fasting. I got on the scale a couple days ago at 151, went to the gym yesterday and left at 150 (on my home scale) 152.4 on the gym scale, (given I have to have clothes on at the gym). I'm liquid fasting (under 300 cal per day) until I'm 144. At that time I might extend it. but geeze. I'm a pig. I went and got my body fat percentage tested yesterday... Twenty -eight point fucking four. 28.4%!!!!! I'm a pig *oink oink*
A fun fact I was shown however is the expected weight range... Which puts me at a whopping 150 for a healthy weight... Hah. A weight of 135 if I had a small frame, etc. So technically. Right now. I'm perfect. yuck. But it's all going to be fixed. Liquids until 144, and I'm going to make sure I exercise for a deficit of 200 cal per day. I had wanted to do some serious losing during this break. But to be honest, I hadn't expected this kind of motivation, I'm going to do my best to convince Eli to bring his scale that measures body fat percentage back with him at the end of break... Something for me to live off of. ;] I am done making excuses for myself, a day without exercise just isn't a day. From now on, I will not go to sleep until I have experienced some sort of exercise. NO matter what. I'm sick of this pig oinking at me in the mirror all the time.

Aside from all that, I've been reading thinspo like crazy, I'm beginning to love those stationary bikes that just let me read printed blog posts on them. Life is good. I'll be back soon lovelies with real updates! For now, I hope you're all losing weight on my behalf. Hopefully I'll be 144 by friday!! Thats the goal anyway! I'll see you all in a couple pounds!!!




  1. Hey love, honey, don't worry all that much about the whole fat percentage thing. My sister, who's TINY, so incredibly tiny that I hate her with a passion at times, has a body fat percentage of 29%, but she's THIN, so thin.
    Don't worry too much okay? On the other hand, it's a great motivation!!

    Good to see you all positive and thrilled!!
    Love, x

  2. Have you ever looked at your body fat by any means other than a chart? I recently tested mine (results can be seen on my blog) and it was a full 9% below what the BMI and other charts would estimate it to be.

    You should give calipers or electrical impedance a try before you resolve to starve yourself. At the very least, you will figure out what a realistically low weight would be for your level of lean (calorie-burning muscle + bone) tissue.