Oct 1, 2010

Shitty Post...

Sorry guys...
I'm just so tired. I've worked so many hours recently, that I just don't really know what to do... My feet are killing me, My weight is up... I can't even talk about it.

Ever heard of the master cleanse? Yeah? No? You should google it. It's good, well that's what I hear... I'm thinking of trying it.. And Eli has stopped reading completely. =] =] =] So now maybe he'll talk to me instead hah. But I'm very interested in this master cleanse thing, you can lose a LOT of weight on it. And plus, it's a detox that you can do for 40 days, liquid only. I wouldn't do it for 40 most likely, but just enough to make some progress. =]

So. Much. Homework. FML

I'm in class so I should... get to it..

Love you all, I miss you bunches!

email me please!




  1. Let me know how the master cleanse works out for you. I once was going to try it, but chickened out. Stay strong, dearie.

  2. I chickened out as well... haha first salt water flush, (it didn't even work) and I was done.

  3. I'm thinking of getting some milk of magnesia and drinking 75 ounces of water until I cry. =]