Jun 30, 2010

Rant about the parental.

Gahh. My mother. I don't mention her too much. But she's killing me slowly. Darcy and I went put on a walk tonight around eleven thirty. And I accidentally pocket dialed her. She stayed on the line for fifteen minutes until I noticed when I went to see if Eli had texted me. And I was like "hello?" and she started bitching about how she was trying to sleep and then she was like are you on a treadmill? It sounds like you are exercising. (why the hell was that the first conclusion she jumped to?!) 

So basically she and my dad talked about "my blatant disregard for all logic and boundaries." like they could figure out my reasoning if they tried. Hah, but what killed me is that when the "conversation" was over I couldn't offer an opinion or a rebuttal. I just had to sit there and take it. Just accept what she said and worse, apologize for my "behavior". It was so stupid and pointless too, it wasn't even about the pocket dialing. It was about the fact that when she said it's the middle of the night I was like "not really, it's a little after eleven thirty...."

 I can't be the only one dealing with this....

At least tomorrow when I'm sitting across from her at the table and she's pushing food at me I can just refuse it. I don't owe her my control. She takes everything else from me. This is mine. And she can't touch it. Heh

Stay strong, even in the face of adversary. 



  1. I'd say don't eat it. But keep in mind that if they cotton on to what's really going on, and take it as seriously as they probably should, you'll end up in hospital. If you aren't ready for that, I'd tread quietly for a while. Which is why I'm eating this week. If I were to do treatment, I'd have to want to get treated, not against my will. Food for thought, ha, ha.

    I'm sorry to hear about your mum, it sounds like she has a pretty awful attitude towards even being 'healthy' let alone like us. That's gotta suck. :(

    stay strong <3

  2. honey you are not the only one dealing with this!! my mother can and is the same way!!

  3. Keep calm- thank you =] I appreciate the thoughts, I'm going to run this morning before I see her then I am going to eat a little bit to satisfy her. =]

    Laura- Thank god! Sometimes I feel like the only one.

  4. I hated when my parents acted like that. I got it from both my mom and my dad... And then i moved in with my fiance because i couldn't take their controlling my every move, and they pretty much disowned me. Trust me, it might suck to be totally controlled by them, but it sucks even worse to barely be acknowledged by them, so do try to make them a little bit happy.

  5. my parents were never like that, but I was like the poster child of good. However... when I was younger, my mother told me I was fat one night, I sat there crying at the dinner table because there wasn't anything else I could do. Later that night my mom brought me this huge bowl of chips as an appology. Don't worry parents have an abnormal way of showing they care.