Jun 15, 2010

"A pound a day leaves them all blown away :)"

I thought this deserved it's own post!

In support of a fellow blogger, starting on thursday I will be joining her in her quest for the loss of one pound per day!

High restriction, Lots of Exercise, and Lost weight! We'll be great ladies!!!

Keep coming back! And get the word around about this.

If you read, follow, followers and comments keep us motivated!

I'm buying a scale tonight! So I'll know exactly how much I'm losing, on something I can check every day!!

This means I could be at my goal weight in 46 days. So needless to say, I am going to binge a bit these next couple of days. Because starting thursday morning at 12:00AM EVERYTHING Changes!!!

Stay Strong ladies!



  1. noooo dont binge!! you can eat a lil bit more thn you usually do, but if you binge itll be so much harder to restrict. believe i did tht exact thing and it did not work out well.

  2. Thank you laura! Today has been a bit of a binge anyway, well... yeah, it's been around 1500 cal. Which isn't good, but now I'm so disgusted with myself it'll be easier =P stay strong lovely!

  3. Sweetheart please please please be careful. A pound a day will take you to the hospital far faster than it will take you to your goal weight. The human body, no matter how much we push it, still has limits and defense mechanisms. I understand with all my heart how bad you want this, but please try your hardest to put your health first. And drink lots of water! <3

  4. I'm doing it too. I think I'm on the other side of the world to you.. so I start in an hour. We wont land ourselves in hospital <3
    Aim high... I've binged a little too, it just makes me hate the feeling of food all the more and will make it easier. I want to lose 25... but i've plateaued at the moment so I think it might take longer to kick that and start losing.
    Stay strong.. love ana. Let's be beautiful <3

  5. Thank you Mia, I do understand the possible complications to it, But I am also going to be taking vitamins and making sure I drink plenty of water. I want Ana, But I want other things in my life as well. So I intend to test my limits. But not break myself because of them.

    Stay strong lovelies!