Jun 25, 2010

Best. Day. Ever!

Eli is coming tonight!!! =D and Darcy and I both aren't going to work, instead we are sitting on our floor with a million magazines and cutting up pictures and making a thinspo book out of a hardcover sketch book. =] She's actually at the store getting more magazines as I write this! We also got internet! Which is pretty exciting. And I don't have to work sunday thank god. =] cause otherwise I wouldn't have gotten a day off at all this weekend. Although they have me working until 9:30 at night on the fourth of july. =[ But I don't work the night before! So maybe I can go to the rodeo, it's only like 35 minutes from here. And it'd be really cool!

Sorry for the jumbled post everyone! I just wanted to share! Time to get back to thinspiring myself and Darcy! She's joining me on my fast! Out of respect for everyone in more trying situations than we are in. And out of respect for our bodies. And what they can become.

Stay strong ladies. It's a beautiful day here. And We WILL be beautiful too.



  1. I love thinspo books! I lost mine when i left my parents' house though... I miss it. Make it lovely and thinspiring for you!
    Sounds like everything's going beautifully for you. Stay strong and happy, dearie. I know you'll do fantastic with that fast.

  2. It is looking fantastic! =] Thinspo is fantastic... You should make a new book!